About Us


Bye Gender, formerly known as Werk Those Pecs/Trans is Beautiful Apparel, is a community-based organization, whose mission is to help trans individuals access the funding they need to survive.

Werk those Pecs was originally founded in 2012 by Jason Hill and Samuel Leon as a fundraiser to help provide much needed funding for transgender surgeries. Transgender people often have trouble affording surgery as several insurance providers did not cover transgender surgeries or surgeons did not accept insurance for surgery. Although policies have changed under Obamacare, and several insurance companies now cover transgender-related surgeries or expenses, many transgender people still can not afford health insurance. The impact of the Trump administration can bee seen far and near as many states and federal judges have rolled back health related protections for trans people. Werk Those Pecs functioned as a fundraiser to help to offset costs for those who are affected by any of these circumstances.

While Werk Those Pecs eventually evolved into a fund providing a second option in helping trans people reach their financial goals for confirmation surgery, the new owner, Devin-Norelle thought it would be best to reallocate some of the funds. Trans people face many other pressing matters on a daily basis, and for some, surgery is unobtainable or an afterthought. Transgender people struggle to meet a plethora of living expenses including paying bills, buying food, money for hormones or money to update an ID. The funds are also provide financial assistance to anyone who desires a name/gender marker change on their passport.

The fund was first opened for application in 2016, and as of January 2019, about 50 applicants have been funded with money raised through our the clothing line. The majority of the recipients are transgender people who have limited access to housing, or work due to disability, are unable to find employment due to their trans statues, or are unable to afford their HIV meds or hormones. In November 2019, the Werk Those Pecs Fund was renamed to Bye Gender Trans Survival Fund.

 We have currently raising money for 2021. If you or any person you can sponsor or contribute to a trans person today, please donate here, or direct them to our Facebook or Instagram.


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